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Dubai has more international routes to Africa than Africa carriers themselves

DUBAI, UAE -- Aviation Africa 2015 – organised by Arabian Aerospace and African Aerospace magazines is gathering senior, influential industry figures from both Africa and the Middle East.

Strive Masiyiwa's view of business partnerships

JOHANNESBURG - In a five part serialized advice to young entrepreneurs on social media, prominent Zimbabwean Telecom mogul, Strive Masiyiwa says key to success in business is forming partnerships with emphasis on great need to “know your partner.” Masiyiwa says he learnt of this crucial lesson during his first trip to America, on a trip to see a billionaire in Houston, Texas. This was his first time meeting a billionaire! He had gone to discuss business with the man but for three days of informal discussions the billionaire’s team was doing background checks on him coupled with “the most intense grilling about my life, and background, that I had ever faced.”

Anzisha Prize for Young Entrepreneurs Announces 2014 Finalists

JOHANNESBURG -- For the first time ever, African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation are delighted to have Anzisha Prize finalists from Togo and Ivory Coast, revealing strong growth in entrepreneurship activity amongst youth in West Africa.

The evolution of ICTs in Mozambique

MAPUTO -- Arriving in Mozambique when the telecom infrastructure was very limited and only 35% of the population was accessible to the telecommunication services, Viettel – the Vietnamese leading telecommunications - has endorsed an initiative to popularize telecom services in rural and under-served areas in Mozambique. This initiative regards telecom provision as a commodity, which should be accessible regardless of geographical location or financial capacity. The company has invested in a network, service support and introduction of social programs to enable telecom services accessible to rural Mozambicans, as part of improving their overall lives and become its customers. Viettel aims at a sustainable social development and benefit both customers and the company by bringing mobile phones to every Mozambican and broadband Internet to every Mozambican family.

DIFF and the business of filmmaking

DURBAN - The Durban International Film Festival, an annual showcase of films from across the world, networking and workshops successfully ended on July 27. 450 delegates were in attendance from 32 countries, 24 workshop and panel discussion programmes presented by 32 industry experts and professionals, and over 900 official business meetings documented in the Finance Forum. The opening night lived up to the billing, with various filmmakers and enthusiasts in attendance. The festival rolled out with various panel discussions and workshops that covered various spheres of the film making business.

The Human Face of Entrepreneurship in Africa

Through stories of success; the culture of hard work and enterprise will be cultivated. Inspiration begets Inspiration. We showcase the human face of entrepreneurship In Africa.

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