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China ramps up in South Africa

Johannesburg - It’s a typical day in Johannesburg, South Africa’s commercial capital. The day is deceptively warm, but with a slow dark cloud formation warning of an imminent downpour, common at this time of the year. In the quaint suburb of Cyrildene, about 15 minutes to the east of the Johannesburg Central Business District. Derrick Street resembles the oriental and eastern setting. As one blogger said; walking along this street is like one is in Hong Kong. It’s a short but busy street with restaurants, retail and wholesale shops for Asian food.

Recognition for Africa app developers

ZURICH – Evernote, the company that is helping the world remember everything, is joining forces with the African Technology Foundation (ATF) to find Africa’s hottest homegrown talent in app design and development.

Three Things Investors Look For and Questions They Ask

Washington DC - I had always seen brands, companies, ideas from a business owner point of view but showed even more appreciation when I landed myself on the other side of the table as an investor on a couple of shovel ready opportunities. As a venture capitalist, I will narrow down the fact behind investing and the cheat sheet to it; If pitching to investors is a frightening thought for you, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by investors, especially if they never pitched to any before. How can an entrepreneur prepare for the million possible questions the investors will ask?

South Africa creates ministry to shepherd upcoming entrepreneurs

Johannesburg - South Africa has moved towards curbing unemployment and creating conducive environment for upcoming entrepreneurs by creating a government ministry dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and small to medium businesses. The Ministry of Small Business Development will be headed Lindiwe Zulu whose major task is dealing with red tape that has over the years hindered innovation and progress within upcoming but disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The ministry focuses on small businesses as they are a vehicle for economic growth and job creation.

Bamboo for housing in Ghana – scientists explore innovations

Kumasi - Ghana’s scientific community is sharing ideas on technologies and challenges involved in the efficient and sustainable use of bamboo for housing in the country. Bamboo is widely regarded as an excellent substitute for wood in housing. Its use in construction has potential benefits in terms of sustainable use of timber resources, economic savings in construction and high strength to material weight ratios. However, bamboo housing in Ghana is relatively low, mainly due to lack of innovation and appropriate technology for processing local bamboo species. The 1st Bamboo Colloquium, sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) is on the theme “Bamboo Utilization for a Greener Construction and Future in Ghana”.

The Human Face of Entrepreneurship in Africa

Through stories of success; the culture of hard work and enterprise will be cultivated. Inspiration begets Inspiration. We showcase the human face of entrepreneurship In Africa.

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